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AKG Exim Ltd  is a has ventured in health and wellness vertical  by endorsing as exclusive channel partner /associate of Immunity bloom which are health and nutritional supplement experts since past decade to develop best quality health products based on plant science and pure plant extracts.

We are preferred Master Channel Partner of Immunity Bloom which are health and dietary supplements experts and these products are developed by Saveer Biotech Ltd with their past experience of 10 years involving research & innovation to create high quality nourishing dietary fibre supplements for building healthy and better India. Our health/dietary supplements produced with high quality standard under team of nutritional experts and scientists

Life is truly multidimensional and to perform utmost , our wellness and dietary supplements are formulated to keep you energised for daily vital engagements and fight stress.

Our brands for dietary supplements are designed and manufactured based on plant science & fulfils its commitment of excellence to you by ensuring that only products of the highest quality reach you to live strong and well.
Brands :
• Shield Om Ultra ( Pure Korean Ginseng ) 400 mg
• Shield Om Plus ( Pure Korean Ginseng) 200 mg
• Rawcurin Curcumin ( Active ingredients : Curcumin with piperine)

Shield Om Benefits :
• Contain Korean ginseng with its pure extract as active ingredient.
• Improves mental alertness hence enable one to concentrate and maintain a sharp mind
• Enhances physical stamina and increases muscle strength, which particularly benefits those who feel fatigue
• Supports immune health by increasing body’s resistance to common infections and also recuperation from illnesses
• Suitable for vegetarians



Carbohydrates 57.7
Korean Red Ginseng 400mg
Sodium 17.3 (mg/100gm)
Protein 18.29 (g/100g)
Cholestrol 0
Total Fat 2.81( g/100g)
Daily Value not established

Take one capsule empty stomach with a gap of half an hour of consumption of food in the morning or as directed by physician.

RAWCURIN Benefits :
Fusion benefits of Curcumin and Piperine

• Helps Strengthen Immunity
• Helps to make stronger lungs
• Promotes Cardiovascular health
• Supports Joint and muscle health
• Exhibits powerful anti-inflammatory properties



Total Curcuminoids 95.27%
Curcumin 74.66%
Demethoxycurcumin 17.99%
Bisdemethoxycurcumin 2.62%
Piperine 95%
Daily Value not established

Heritage Of Quality
Quality has always been our top priority for products .

Scientifically Proven Products
Our specific products have been clinically-studied to prove that our products provide the results customers
Exceptional Customer Service
It is important for us to help customers with their query and concerns. We also have dedicated team of qualified nutritionist to help and answer your health related queries in great manner.

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